Blog posts are intended to be formative and used as a means for self-reflection.

Most of the resources in this e-portfolio are arranged in [Pages].  This entry is a [Post]. So DO NOT “edit” the page. Add a “new” post instead.

Some of the key differences between posts and pages are:

  • Posts are timely content part of a series of posts in a blog. Pages are static documents which are not tied to the blog’s reverse chronological order of content
  • Pages can be hierarchical, which means a page can have sub pages, for example a parent page titled “About us” can have a sub-page called “Our history”. On the other hand posts are not hierarchical.
  • By default posts in WordPress can be sorted into taxonomies Categories and Tags. Pages do not have categories or tags
  • WordPress posts are displayed in RSS feeds while Pages are excluded from feeds.

Posts are a great way to record short reflections on a particular topic.  When you are ready to start adding posts to your ePortfolio delete this post and add your own.